Fun with patterns.

So I decided to post something I did a while back. These 2 pieces I did back in 2010 for my AP Portfolio concentration. For my concentration I decided to design my own patterns based off of cultures that I researched (that’s the short of it). So these if I remember right were my first designs. I wanted to make the patterns based on what I interpret from a particular culture. I knew I wanted to do some sort of African culture and since a friend, at the time, was going to Ethiopia I decided to do more research on the culture. I loved how the people mixed and meshed so many things together like their traditions passed down or learned from other people groups.

This is the first pattern I did which takes the recognizable zebra print and turned it up a notch by mixing in lines like the huts some of the people live in and the ‘paisley-like’ shape with the circle interior like the wooden lip plates women have. 
 Another thing I love about the Ethiopian culture is how all the different people groups use such bright colors but still have their natural colors surrounding them, so I used that finding as my base for adding color.

I was not always fond of orange but I couldn’t help getting giddy when I was playing with inks and made this almost electric orange which reminds me of the African savannah and the breathtaking sunsets. The orange and red are bright and fun but they mesh with the lined background, just like the Ethiopian culture.

I loved the whole process of this piece along with the other cultural pattern pieces I did for my concentration. After writing about this one and really looking at it again I might do some more pattern designs, because not only do I have fun designing patterns, I learn new things about different cultures!
Hope you enjoy!

Materials: Pen and Ink


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