Holy Pink! A peek into the process.

Since I blasted a little from the past last post, I’m going to jump forward this post! I wanted to give everyone I guess what I would call a “peek” into one of my processes on how I develop ideas and execute projects.
So this is a project from my 3D class back in spring 2011. The assignment was to make a light sculpture for the Children’s Museum of Atlanta. We could use whatever we wanted and also spend as much or as little as we wanted, the only real requirement was to make it a size that would fit in the display space.
Holy Pink!
I wanted to do something fun, especially since it was for the children’s museum, so I started sketching ideas, but I still didn’t have a real direction, except that I wanted it to be fun, I also wanted to challenge myself and not spend a lot of money on things that could easily be made into a shade or gel for a light.
Holy Pink! projection
I kind of set the light idea to the side for a day or two just to clear my mind because I didn’t really love my ideas that I was having. One afternoon I decided to stop by a new cupcake place called The Cup (fun fact: I love baking, and I love cupcakes) and got a key lime cupcake. The lady who helped me put my cupcake in a to-go brown box, and that is finally when the idea came.
I decided that I would only use found objects for my light and I had found the object! : the brown to-go cupcake box!  I went home and basically trashed the other maquettes I made and began to sketch ideas revolved around “The Box”. I had some of my supplies around me and I saw my hole punch and began to punch holes in the box.
After all that excitement over the box I went to get a drink and I found a clear pink cup (everyone knows I adore pink) and I used that as the shade and attached it all to my light using wire I found. I decided to do a play on words and be silly by titling my light sculpture Holy Pink!
My light was chosen for the Children’s Museum of Atlanta and I was thrilled! I knew that it was a fun light that kids would be able to enjoy! I got to see it on display during a summer camp I help with over last summer and was so happy to see kids enjoying it as much as I do.
Holy Pink! on display
As far as I know my light is still on display. I brings me so much joy to know that I was able to share my work with the kids and families of Atlanta at Imagine it! Children’s Museum.
Everyday that I create something or think about creating something my main goal is for me to share what I’ve been given to other people and let them enjoy what I do. I feel selfish if I don’t share what I do with others. I also make sure in all my work that I keep it fun, to me keeping art and creativity fun is what can change a person’s feeling about what could be going on in their own life. People have enough serious things to deal with in their life so why should they be looking at more serious things? That is why I try to keep it fun, so that others may see the fun that life also has.
Hope you’ve enjoyed my little “peek” into one of my processes of creativity!

Materials: chipboard box, clear plastic cup, hole punch, aluminum foil, wire.

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