Fashion Illustration splash

So it has been a little too long since my last post, my apologies! I’ve been crazy busy with school and finals! but I’m out of school for now so I’ll post as much as I can!

So something that I have done since my hand could hold a pencil, or any other drawing utensil for that matter, was illustrating and sketching clothes. I have piles and piles of sketchbooks from when I was little that my mom kept for me to see when I got a little older. It’s funny how I still like designing the same things-with more skill of course- but I’m still drawn to some of my staple colors and silhouettes.

I used to watch different movies, get inspired by the costumes or movie and draw a line of clothes based off of that movie- and I still do that to this day because it’s such a great way to practice and also get ideas!

Ok now that I have some of that out of the way- let’s get to some illustrations!

In class we used some water color to illustrate and I fell in love with it! I usually draw precisely with tight lines and very symmetrically, but lately I’ve been trying to get myself out of that because if your more loose you feel more free to move and do a lot with your work! So here are some of my favorite water color illustrations from recently! I hope you like them as much as I do!

COPYRIGHT_R.CarmenSo this illustration was just playing around with red and black. I didn’t know where the outfit was going until I was done, which was the fun and interesting part! This girl kind of reminds me of a Prada-esqu woman, she has the attitude, the sleek yet crazy hair, the mood and the sunnies of course!

Basically each illustration started off as a piece of sketchbook paper (11×17) that I put a background by spreading thin layers of colors, doing quick brush strokes with a little bit of color, then splattering watercolor (not going to lie I always love some splatter)


This one I wanted more emotion and mood than my Prada-esque girl. I drew the larger 3-quarter woman first then added the other woman moving the opposite direction to give a little tension in the composition and a lot of movement. I mixed this great green color and ran with it just adding it to the smaller figure for some more emphasis.


Here are just some quick faces- no background on the page just the blue accent on the girls.

Ok, I saved my favorite for last! This one was SO fun! I started off with a red and blue background then just used black and did quick silhouettes- when it came to the outfits I just started laying down the water color then came up with some really cool fur ideas (I want to sketch in more detail later). After I finished the girls I added a sort of neon yellow I mixed then a green to tie in the whole thing!

Here’s the whole page:



Here are some details:
















I loved coming up with ideas and experimenting with silhouettes with watercolor! I can’t wait to do it again! I would love to do some for people as well! If you have any ideas feel free to shoot me an email! They’re really cool as wall art as well stationary sets!

Hope you enjoy!


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