Hidden Beneath.

So It’s been a bit…..ok maybe 4 months or so bit! but I’m back! long story short-I’ve been in a place where dreams come true working for a mouse for the past 4 months and had a blast!

So that’s that. Now, for some art! I wanted to post something I did a few years back but I still love it today! In fact, it hangs in my room at this very moment. 🙂

I call it ‘Hidden Beneath’….because there’s something hidden beneath the print if you can’t tell. It’s a top! This was my literal interpretation of putting a print on a top- designing the print and then showing the type of thing it would be on.


I did this piece back in high school for my portfolio. I had so much fun playing with mod-podge and just having fun. I laid the old top (one I used to wear a lot actually) on my canvas and arranged it so that you could see all the wrinkles and folds-then when I painted it I kind of emphasized certain parts of the top. Then after all of that I painted the print on which got complicated at times because of those wrinkles I put in the top when I laid it out, but I got over it. I love this print and I’m thinking of reviving it soon for something!

I have another piece that has mod-podge clothing and I’ll show that one soon because it’s another fun piece!

I would LOVE to do a piece like this again for someone. maybe with accessories next or a skirt? Just hit the contact button and let me know your ideas of what you want and we can work something out! (it doesn’t necessarily have to be about a project like this but anything at all and I’ll find a way to do it!)

I really hope you enjoyed this piece as much as I do everyday!


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