It May Be Easy Being Green! -Weekly Printspiration #1

it’s been a while….I know. But for a while I’ve had an idea I wanted to start and I finally did!I came up with Weekly Printspiration! Basically each week I’ll design a new print and I’ll post it via Instagram, then here! Give me an inspiration, a challenge, an idea, a color, or anything you would want me to do as a print and I’ll design it!

My first Weekly Printspiration was for St.Patty’s day! I know it’s a little late on here but I promise I posted it on time!


I’ve been really loving watercolors lately and I mixed some fun greens for this little lovey print! and here it is:


I posted this on Instagram (click for the original post!); and that is where I’ll post the Weekly Printspirations first! Come on over and give me a follow and you’ll get a peek into my spontaneous adventures in my everyday life!


Here’s another little shot of the print! I put my version of a printed watermark,and it turned out to be cute and easily identifies the print!

I think this little idea will keep me on my toes for sure and will really get me creating some fun prints! Leave a comment if you have an idea!

I hope you wore green on St.Patties! and I can’t wait to share some more Printspirations!

Live Bold and Bright!


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