A Penguin Summer!-Weekly Printsperation #2

It’s a Penguin Summer!

Happy Spring? Let me just say the weather has been so strange! It’s suppose to be spring yet a few days ago it was 36 degrees outside,finally today its a bit normal!

For this week’s Weekly Printsperation my friend Jenny, from Bobbins & Whimsy, wanted a print with penguins! I was by ice box products near the beltline last week (first time going and it was amazing!), I saw their penguin mascot, and I knew I must have a penguin print for spring/summer! Since the weather has been so strange I thought it’d be perfect to mix spring/summer with penquins!

Then came Penguin summer! A beachy day with some cool penguinos and posh penguinettes!


How cute are they?! and they’re SO cool 😉 (sorry I had to do it!) I did this print with water color and pen (micron) and I had a blast. I seriously want a cute skirt with this print!


I had to show the palette after I did this print! it was so fun and bright I want to hang it on my wall!

I hope you enjoyed this little print! If you have ideas for next week print comment below!

Live Bright and Bold!


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