April Showers Make Pretty Flowers- Weekly Printsperation #3

Happy spring! Finally there’s been more spring weather lately…and of course the lovely pollen! But the beauty of spring far surpasses that smelly, dusty, and yellow stuff!

This week’s Printsperation was inspired by one of my favorite spring flowers: wisterias. It stormed one night this past week and when I went outside the next morning it was so green outside! finally! Then I looked even more and I saw a bunch of purple bunches all up the trees and around….I looked closer and there was the prettiest wisterias everywhere! I just wanted to sit outside all day and marvel at that beautiful purple wisterias, but then there’s life calling me to work and be busy; instead I thought I’d make a print.


I wanted to make this print a little looser than my others I’ve done so far. I love being so precise with my art but it’s fun to make myself let loose! I did this print in watercolor and did many layers to make the colors pop and keep it super whimsical like the way spring is! I added some color pencil here and the to bring out certain parts and add some line.

I hope you like it! If you want to order a print of the print email me!
Comment below with ideas for next week’s!

Live bright and bold!


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