Raspberry Ball- Weekly Printsperation #5

A week late posting about this print but better late than never!

Two weeks ago I was at my Mema’s, those who know me know how much I adore her, and she pulled out some dresses she had worn back in the day! The first was an amazing 100% raspberry almost magenta dress with long sleeves, pleating on the skirt, and a flat double bow belt (which I am obsessed with). The next dress (pictured below) was this pale pink spaghetti strapped dress (which were sewn in by my Mema or her sister) with little beaded spots with pearls hanging from them and velvet applique on the bodice- to say the least I was in love at first sight!

COPYRIGHT_R.Carmen.Mema then explained she wore this dress to a ball, yes as in an actual ball! I think she said she went with the deputy’s son or it was some type of military ball- I’ll have to find out which for sure but this dress is so gorgeous! I had to share this dress as soon as I saw it- photo on Instagram here.
I didn’t have much of a clear print idea for that week, because I had so much going on, and when a friend saw the photo she gave me the idea of making a print inspired by the dress!

COPYRIGHT_R.Carmen.So I had my idea then I just had to make the print! It was a busy week/weekend! I had midterms, puppy-sat/house-sat, and did photography with my friend for his sister’s wedding!

Needless to say after all these activities me and my lil puppy niece were beat! (Isn’t she so adorable?!) She wanted to help me with the print but I just thought it’d be best for her to watch, though she did want to taste some guache-silly pup!

That week tested me and this little project because I really love doing this and it showed my commitment to do it even though I had a lot going on! I love the way the print turned out and I hope you do too!

Here’s Raspberry Ball!


I thought I’d Keep it fun like the dress, and playful for spring and summer! I think when the print is next to the dress you can see the clear inspiration without a complete copy-I’m so glad my Mema showed me this dress! I loved it and I love this print!

I’d love some ideas for the next print!


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