Fuchsia Flamingo Party-Weekly Printsperation #7

Last week I went to the Atlanta Zoo for a field trip, yes a college field trip to the zoo (I’m not opposed at all!) I love going to the zoo! I get such fun ideas like the one I had for my print this week!

I have always loved walking into the zoo and the first things you see are PINK flamingos! I love pink so it always brightens my day, and flamingos are such interesting creatures, and I find myself mesmerized by them sometimes.


One of my other little animal loves are pandas! They are too funny and I’ve always loved going to their exhibit and watching them be their silly selves! When I saw them this last time Po was rolling all over the place eating bamboo and another panda had a scratch so it looked like a silly little dance, which definitely made my day!



So the Weekly Printsperation for this week (5/12) was combining the black and white of a panda with pink flamingos!


I kept the flamingos black and white to mimic pandas, and did the background as a brighter version of a flamingo!

(WeeklyPrintsperation #8 for 5/19 will be posted soon! )

I hope you enjoyed the Fuchsia Flamingo Party! I’d love ideas for the next one(#9)!


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