You ‘Dot’ Say?!- Weekly Printsperation #8

WOW. These past few weeks have been busy! Last week (5/19) I had a lot to do and I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to do the print- but I knew I HAD to make time! And this week I’m finally posting it!


  I wanted to design a fun, easy, and bright print just to keep me going for the next week by putting a little bight pep in my step! So I decided a fun polka dot would be perfect! polka dots are great but some people don’t use them to their full potential ie changing color, scale, etc. I switched it up with fun bright colors, little swooshes, and some bloby dots! The final print looks sort of vintage-y which I adore! I think it ended up looking super fun if I ‘dot’ say so myself 😉 I also had to be a bit puny since I have so busy and non-stop, I needed a little comic relief!Hope you like it!

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