Shui-Mo Peony Please- Weekly Printsperation #9

It’s been a busy, busy week!  I was already planning to do a print for my Anthropology class final project so I thought I’d make it for the Weekly Printsperation too!

For my Anthropology class I had to choose some sort of topic having to do with the course, do an essay, and create an artwork that illustrated what I researched. The Chinese culture is known for its art and techniques, but in recent years modern art has come to play an important role that illustrates the three major changes in Chinese religion, culture, and social life so I chose to this topic as the base of my research.


Shui-mo, meaning watercolor, the loose style of painting in China that has been around for centuries. The first part of the print, which is the Weekly Printsperation this week, I based off of the shui-mo style and painted a peony type flowers in what I call “Chinese pink”.

To finish print for my Anthropology project I had to add the modern art aspect. In my project I researched modern Chinese artist Cai Guo-Qiang. I found Cai to be so interesting as a person and artist because he takes the violence, gunpowder, and all the bad things that surrounded him as he was growing up, and turned them into his inspiration and medium. Cai began working gunpowder into his drawing which then lead him to experiment with explosives in large scale. He’s most known for his firework display at the birdcage for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.

Using metaphor as method, like Cai, I created my print design with the idea that although things have changed in China over the years, traditional ideals are still present though at times are clouded and the gunpowder Cai uses reminds the people that they can still resist and keep the ways they want. Once I had the floral part scanned onto my computer I added different layers that mimicked burnt bits of gunpowder on paper, puffs of smoke and explosions like Cai’s artwork.

I’m SO incredibly happy to finally show some of my prints that I’ve done digitally, and I hope to show more in the future. But note, please do not use these images without permission, if you want to ask permission or anything else contact me.

I hope you’ve enjoyed a blast to the past and jump to the future all in one print!

Be bright!


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