Cloudy With a Chance of Dots-Weekly Printsperation #10

Happy summer! And Happy 10th Weekly Printsperation!

My sister in China has had rain on her mind and the week I did this print we had lots of clouds and rain in Atlanta, its funny how even across the world sisters can have the same thing on their mind. My other sister liked the idea of a cloud print so I thought I’d combine both my sisters ideas into a fun print for this Weekly Printsperation that takes the sometimes yucky weather and makes if fun and cute!

When I started painting the print outside the weather was blue skies and beauty, but as if a switch flipped a few minutes later it was pouring down rain. It was funny, and it made making this print so much more fun!


I decided to do fun blues and mix some yellow and lavender (one of my sister’s favorite colors) into the sky since we’ve been having a lot of purple-y yellow sunsets like this one:


I hope you like it!


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