King of Pops-Cart Art

If you don’t know who King of Pops is then you need to click here!

…Now that we’ve gotten that settled we can go to the cart art!

I absolutely love King of Pops, and when I saw they were having a cart art contest I was all over it because I’ve always wanted to have my print on something fun like a cart and representing something I love-and who doesn’t love a yummy pop!


I knew immediately I wanted bright colors to mimic the easily recognizable KoP umbrellas and also something fun like the brand itself.

I did a hand drawn rendering of the print then used Illustrator and Photoshop to create the digital print.

The whole concept behind “The Never-Ending Pop Experience” is that when I eat a KoP pop I want to have another, and another, and another (well you get the idea, I love them and they’re great) So the idea is every time you have a KoP its like you’re continuing your last experience and you don’t want it to end so why make it?! That’s where the progress of the pop happened and I made it a repeating pattern so the fun KoP experience doesn’t have to end! For the summer season polka dots are always fun so I thought it would be a perfect background!


Rebecca and R.Carmen Cart!

if you see my cart around post on instagram and tag me or hashtag #rebeccacarmencartart or post a picture on my facebook page here!

Here are a few pictures of it out and about!


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