IMG_0202 Photo by Aaron CouryAs an Artist and Designer I strive for my work to be appreciated by many, but first by myself. I say I am an artist and designer because I do many things. I mainly do surface pattern design but I also do fine art, photography, creative direction, event planning, apparel design, and even interior spaces.

Whatever the work may be I want people to see my heart and soul in it. I put my whole self in my work, so that people don’t see a meaningless work but something that took effort and thought. I am grateful for the talent I have and I don’t want to waste it by not using it or by not sharing it. I think so much art is dark, hard and serious, but I think life is already serious enough so why look at something so serious all the time? I create my work to be bright, bold, happy, fun, and light because everyone needs to smile sometime.

Wherever my path of creativity takes me I hope to share it with others through the work I produce along with keeping my passion for art and design.

I am a senior at Savannah College of Art and Design-Atlanta, majoring in Fashion Marketing and Management.

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