Butterflies Bursting Out and About

Without change there’d be no butterflies- Walt Disney

How perfect is it to start a new year, new adventures, and new beginnings with the symbol of beginnings: Butterflies!

I was commissioned to design a surface pattern for Atlanta’s AmericasMart- Apparel Mart for the window displays that are up at the January apparel market (January 30-February 3). I did a few different designs (that I’ll show soon!) but we then changed directions a bit to a tone on tone idea and butterflies bursting, the same way spring bursts up just when we are over and done with winter!


I was sent a picture just last night and had to share it! I’m going to see the windows in person soon and I can’t wait to share more photos of it! I hope you love it as much as I do!



King of Pops-Cart Art

If you don’t know who King of Pops is then you need to click here!

…Now that we’ve gotten that settled we can go to the cart art!

I absolutely love King of Pops, and when I saw they were having a cart art contest I was all over it because I’ve always wanted to have my print on something fun like a cart and representing something I love-and who doesn’t love a yummy pop!


I knew immediately I wanted bright colors to mimic the easily recognizable KoP umbrellas and also something fun like the brand itself.

I did a hand drawn rendering of the print then used Illustrator and Photoshop to create the digital print.

The whole concept behind “The Never-Ending Pop Experience” is that when I eat a KoP pop I want to have another, and another, and another (well you get the idea, I love them and they’re great) So the idea is every time you have a KoP its like you’re continuing your last experience and you don’t want it to end so why make it?! That’s where the progress of the pop happened and I made it a repeating pattern so the fun KoP experience doesn’t have to end! For the summer season polka dots are always fun so I thought it would be a perfect background!


Rebecca and R.Carmen Cart!

if you see my cart around post on instagram and tag me or hashtag #rebeccacarmencartart or post a picture on my facebook page here!

Here are a few pictures of it out and about!

Sweet Lotus of Mine- Weekly Printsperation #13

I was so excited for my sister’s arrival home from being in China for almost a year. I absolutely love the art and history of the country.
For this Weekly Printsperation I wanted to do a black and white print, keeping it simple and elegant. Lotus flowers are beautiful so I knew they’d be great for what I was trying to achieve.
Hope you like Sweet Lotus of Mine!

Nothin’ like a Georgia Peach! -Weekly Printsperation #12

Fell behind on posting- so I’m playing catch up!

I recently went on a little Atlanta adventure and finally got to go to the Jackson Street Bridge that has the most well known view of my city. The photo I took is on my Instagram and was also featured on weloveatl and igersgeorgia!

For the Weekly Printsperation I wanted to do a little peachy ode to my city and state, because there really ain’t nothin’ like a Georgia peach!


I used watercolor and marker to mix it up a bit.

Hope you enjoy.

Absolutely Bonkers!-Weekly Printsperation #11

Sometimes you just stop and realize how thankful you are and almost get overwhelmed. This past week (6/9) I had a lot of those moments.

I got to put my print design for King of Pops(that one their cart art competition) on the cart and see so many people look and my work and love it! To say the least, I was practically speechless and all I could say was “This is absolutely bonkers”- I’ll have a post about King of Pops soon!

So this Weekly Printsperation came from all this excitement and reminded me of a favorite quote from Alice in Wonderland (2010) Mad Hatter: “Have I gone mad?” Alice: I’m afraid so. You’re entirely bonkers. But I’ll tell you a secret, all the best people are.”

Clearly I was bonkers when I wrote the title on the print because I misspelled absolutely, but you get the point:)

I hope you like this print and THANK YOU, for all your support. It truly means SO much.

Cloudy With a Chance of Dots-Weekly Printsperation #10

Happy summer! And Happy 10th Weekly Printsperation!

My sister in China has had rain on her mind and the week I did this print we had lots of clouds and rain in Atlanta, its funny how even across the world sisters can have the same thing on their mind. My other sister liked the idea of a cloud print so I thought I’d combine both my sisters ideas into a fun print for this Weekly Printsperation that takes the sometimes yucky weather and makes if fun and cute!

When I started painting the print outside the weather was blue skies and beauty, but as if a switch flipped a few minutes later it was pouring down rain. It was funny, and it made making this print so much more fun!


I decided to do fun blues and mix some yellow and lavender (one of my sister’s favorite colors) into the sky since we’ve been having a lot of purple-y yellow sunsets like this one:


I hope you like it!